Tena Lady Extra Plus – (Pack of 8)

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TENA Lady Extra Plus is intended to be similarly as prudent as a clean towel yet substantially more retentive, so will feel quickly dry and agreeable.

The TENA Lady Extra Plus highlights Body Shaped DRYZone that gives triple security from breaks, smell and dampness.

TENA Lady Extra Plus cushion is made with delicate side elastics to enable the TENA Lady to cushion to follow the shapes of the body, giving the individual extra spillage assurance and included solace.

The plush delicate surface is planned with a smooth, delicate material like surface that immediately whisks away any dampness, leaving the individual dry and advancing great skin wellbeing.

TENA Lady Extra Plus has a delicate, breathable external material that permits air to flow and advances solid skin. The item’s breathability improves client solace and keeps the individual inclination dry and new.

TENA Lady Extra Plus cushions have Fresh Odor Control with dynamic small scale new pearls to decrease the improvement of smell.

TENA Lady Extra Plus is separately wrapped with Easy Wrap and can without much of a stretch be put away into your tote or pocket. TENA Lady Extra Plus cushions are anything but difficult to heft around and simple to discard.

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Permeableness: 580ml
  • Pack Size: 8
  • Amount: 6