Tena Comfort Super – (Pack of 36)

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TENA Comfort is an exceptionally spongy, completely breathable supplement that is intended to be worn with the TENA obsession pants for body-close fit.

The TENA Comfort is an interesting bowl shape embed with a profoundly retentive center that gives spillage security and solace.

The FeelDry innovation quickly wicks away even enormous volumes of pee into the item center and remains secured in the center much under tension.

The scent neutraliser diminishes the impact of smelling salts scent, giving a sentiment of newness and the wetness pointer outwardly of the item abandons yellow to blue when the time has come to change.

The TENA Comfort highlights ConfioAir to permit the skin to inhale and the supplement is produced using a material like material that feels delicate and agreeable for the client.

The TENA Comfort includes a shading coded sponginess level and an item type marker.

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Breathable: Yes
  • Shading: Green
  • Sponginess: 2100ml – 2500ml
  • Pack Size: 36
  • Amount: 2