Repose Contur cover – (1 set)


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Consolidates upgraded comfort with pressure zone care.

Rest Contur is a weight redistribution pad overlay for riser chair seats using the Repose attempted and confided in inflatable air cell and ‘keen valve’ advancements.

Offering pressure zone care to the seat, back and leg areas, it makes sure about to the seat effectively and securely with lashes and in this manner it can either be fitted to new seats or be a clear retro-fit for clients who as of now have a seat and require an authority bolster surface.


  • Exceptionally detailed extra impervious to substance disinfectants, particularly chlorine.
  • Flexible ties for a protected fit on a scope of seat sizes.
  • Rest attempted and confided in single air cell and shrewd valve innovations.
  • The zip has a basic spread fold for included insurance against liquid entrance.
  • Gives pressure redistribution over the entire surface for the in danger zones of the body –   sacrum, rear end, scapulae, vertebrae, shoulders, back of head.
  • Complex innovation in an easy to utilize chair seat overlay pad.
  • Secure lash framework considers direct retro-fit or new seat use.
  • The spread can be cleaned down or machine washed at 60ºC.
  • Savvy strategy to give pressure zone care to a chair seat.