Repose Care-sit – (40cm) Cover

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Rest Care-Sit is an interesting pad planned explicitly for static seats and universally useful wheelchairs for the avoidance and treatment of weight ulcers, and to limit the danger of weight harm.

Care-Sit unites a large group of new and one of a kind highlights which meet all weight territory care necessities alongside disease control and to wrap things up tolerant requirements.

Intended to address the issues of clinicians and patients, the Care-Sit offers unrivaled PAC and ideal situating. Consolidating Double valve innovation into a solitary item for proceeded and controlled PAC.

Care-Sit is provided as one pad isolated into two segments for autonomous back and seat support. This guarantees even weight redistribution over all weight focuses for most extreme solace and care.

The seat highlights slender weight redistributing air cell tubes encompassed on each side by a more extensive air cell tube for help.

Care-Sit is accessible in two sizes (400mm and 450mm) and is provided with multi-customizable lashes fitted to the back of the spread. The pad can be rapidly and effectively made sure about to static seats of assorted types and sizes, just as broadly useful wheelchairs.


  • Customizable ties for a protected fit on a scope of wheelchair and static seat sizes.
  • Rest attempted and confided in single air cell and brilliant valve innovations.
  • Tough external spread with waterproof zip.
  • Accessible in two sizes (400mm and 450mm)
  • Pad fitted with bigger cells on outside edges.
  • Gives pressure redistribution over the entire surface for the in danger regions of the body – sacrum, rear end, scapulae and vertebrae.
  • Secure tie framework takes into account clear retrofit or new seat use. Simple to clean and keep up.
  • Financially savvy strategy to give pressure zone care to a wheelchair and static seat.