Clinell Continence Care Wipes – (25 Wipes)

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Clinell Barrier Cloths give a novel across the board activity of purging, saturating, hostile to bacterial, antipruritic, boundary assurance, aerating and relieving.

The materials are speedy and simple to utilize, viably supplanting customary techniques related with self control care, for example, getting ready dishes of cleanser and water, dry wipes, purging froths and obstruction creams.

Dermatalogically tried, Clinell Barrier Cloths are paraben and lanolin free, containing a protected pH unbiased recipe with common plant concentrates of witch hazel and camomile which is intended to be extremely delicate on touchy skin. (Intended to think about sensitive skin.)

The fabrics are produced using thick top notch spun bound non woven and are accessible as individual patient packs in order to lessen the danger of cross sullying.

Incontinence related dermatitis (IAD) is an aggravation that happens when pee as well as defecation comes into contact with the skin. IAD is an intricacy of incontinence that bargains skin respectability, inclines to cutaneous disease and builds the danger of weight ulcers. Anticipation of IAD depends on maintaining a strategic distance from or limiting presentation to the skin by the use of a skin protectant. Clinell Barrier Cloths contain 10% boundary cream (4% dimethicone and 6 fluid paraffin) to make preparations for undesirable dampness and give that significant obstruction to defecation and pee and subsequently forestall IAD.